Book Review

THE NEXT WIFE by Kaira Rouda

Rating: 3.5 / 5

THE NEXT WIFE by Kaira Rouda was one of our June book picks for the #SaturdayBookstaClub on Bookstagram. June is the month when one often things of weddings and graduations, so why not a book where someone is ‘graduating’ from wife number one to wife number two?

THE NEXT WIFE is a multi-point of view novel following the messy marital situation of Tish, wife number two to John. John is still very much involved with his first wife as they share both a daughter and a company that they both helped launch. That doesn’t stop Tish from dreaming of having it all, however.

John’s first wife is Kate, a woman who works alongside him as equal partners, but doesn’t entirely feel equal when it comes to having her voice heard. Having John leave her for none other than his younger secretary leaves her bitter. Ashlyn is John and Kate’s daughter who was once a friend to Tish before Tish became a home wrecker. Ashlyn is convinced that her parents are destined to reunite and she’s looking to take down her father’s next wife.

This was a book that left me with mixed feelings. I was hooked to find out what exactly happened, but I did make a guess pretty early on when we did our midway chat that was fairly accurate in the ways the story resolved. I was hoping for a little something to surprise me in the end but it didn’t quite get there.

This book is full of characters behaving badly and it gives you no shortage of people to love to hate. Overall it was a fun and quick read, but not one that wowed me.

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