Monday Reading Check In

Monday Reading Check In

I received a complimentary copy of FOR THE LOVE OF FRIENDS by Sara Goodman Confino. Thank you to the author and to Let’s Talk Books!

Happy Monday folks! I had a really fun weekend, but it was also super tiring! I had the fun opportunity to meet up with a bunch of SoCal bookstagrammers this weekend. I took the train down to San Diego with a small group and then we met up with a very much not small group at the book fair in San Diego. It was a really fun adventure! By the time I made it back home Saturday night I was exhausted and ready to pass out, but of course Kylee was ready to welcome me home with every fetch toy in the house for endless games and her turn for fun! Sunday was a lazy day of reading and napping! So… coffee is definitely high on my list of needs today!

Late yesterday, I decided to start FOR THE LOVE OF FRIENDS (seemed appropriate after meeting so many new friends the day prior) which I am reading with a Let’s Talk Books promotional tour and buddy read. I planned just to make a start on it ahead of Tuesday’s midway chat date, but I was immediately sucked in and found it hard to put down at the halfway point! Lily is 32 and single and everyone around her is getting married at the same time! Three friends and two siblings all have weddings within about 6 weeks of each other and she is a bridesmaid in all of them. The expense of it all from $600 dresses and $2000 weekends in Mexico, plus the unrealistic expectations of juggling the tastes and preferences of bridesmaids from all walks of life is stressful for her and hilarious for the reader!

To try to make a few bucks to offset her costs, she’s turned her adventures into a blog which she’s keeping anonymous…kinda… She’s also formed a really sweet friendship with one of her best friend’s groomsmen, but a relationship is off the table because she’s already complicated the relationships within the wedding party! There are a lot of balls in the air at this stage of the adventure and I can’t wait to see how the drama plays out as the weddings draw nearer! I’ll be picking this back up after the chat tomorrow and will bring you my full review on my scheduled tour date!

It was a good weekend for reading, so I have a few other books in progress as well (shocking, I know!):

SHE WOULDN’T CHANGE A THING by Adlakha (out from Forge Books 8/3/2021) is one I’m only 20% into but it has me intrigued! Maria is a wife and mother juggling her family, with a busy husband, two young daughters and a baby on the way, along with her psychiatry practice. When a patient comes in rambling about knowing the future and making bad choices when it comes to revisiting the past, Maria assumes that it is psychosis. But it turns out the woman knows things about Maria that she shouldn’t have a way to know and Maria is even more confused. From the synopsis I know what happens next, Maria will return to her own past and have her own decisions to make to make changes to what happened in the past. This is the type of story I always find intriguing, the idea of different paths one can take in life and how they change things! I’m very interested in picking this back up tonight!

HE’LL BE WAITING by Liz Alterman is another book that I received from the author as part of a Let’s Talk Books tour and we’ll be chatting about the first half today. This is a YA thriller in which a young woman wakes up in the hospital severely injured and with almost no memory of what came before. She knew she had a fight with her best friend and was meant to be seeing her boyfriend upon his return from college for break, but she can’t piece together the details of how she wound up hospitalized and no one will tell her. Someone recommends that she start writing down what she does remember in as much detail as possible, so we’re getting her present narrative and the story she’s writing about the days leading up to the hospital as she remembers more. As I’m getting more into the story, I’m very intrigued to see where this one goes!

I finally picked back up LOVE IN COLOR by Bolu Babalola which is a short story collection I started (and featured in a Monday Reading Check-In) some time back. I am really enjoying the collection, I just hadn’t been in a short story mood lately, but I’m glad the mood struck again!

So, how about you? What are you currently reading?

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