Book Review

I KNOW YOU by Erik Therme

I received a complimentary copy of I KNOW YOU by Erik Therme as part of a scheduled Let’s Talk Books promotional tour!

Rating: 3.5 / 5

I KNOW YOU finds main character Bree with a difficult family situation. Bree is the oldest sister with a brother Tyler and a sister Alissa that she feels responsible for. Her father drinks too much and gets violent as a result so isn’t a steady influence in their life as their mother goes through cycles of kicking him out and allowing him back in. Their mother is a bit uninvolved as well, spending most of her time working and relying on Bree to pick up the slack.

Alissa always idolized her big sister, but she’s now a teen and going through those rough years so when she isn’t home for a few days, no one is particularly surprised. What is a surprise is that Bree comes home one day to find Alissa’s bag on the front stoop but Alissa is still nowhere to be found. Then Bree gets a text message telling her Alissa has been taken and involving the cops will mean her death. Bree must meet their demands, but that involves a very big sacrifice.

I really enjoyed Bree as a character. She is in a tough situation, the most stable influence in her family but often barely keeping things together. She can’t let her little sister get hurt, but whoever took her wants something she also can’t sacrifice and the motives are far from clear. Too afraid to bring in the police, Bree must seek answers in difficult places.

While there were some twists that I did see coming and some that I’m not sure I entirely liked, this book did manage to bring some turns that I did not see coming which was a bonus. It definitely kept me engaged throughout wanting to know what was going on!

I KNOW YOU is a fun read for thriller fans and it is available now!

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