Book Review

LEGACY by Nora Roberts

I received a complimentary audiobook for LEGACY by Nora Roberts from Macmillan Audio!

Rating: 4 / 5

LEGACY follows Adrian Rizzo, a young girl at the beginning of the book. She is home with her mother and her nanny when a stranger shows up at the front door, a man who turns out to be her father. Her first time meeting her father turns violent and the women are lucky to survive. Her mother drops her off for the summer at her grandparents’ house to recover, a place that will always feel like home to Adrian.

The book picks up when Adrian is much older, following a bit in the footsteps of her famous fitness mogul mother, but doing things her own way with the aid of her friends. Not all attention is good though and she’s attracted the attention of someone wending death threats and hate mail. Even after she moves back to her grandparents’ home, the letters continue to escalate.

This is the exact type of light suspense, heavy comfort read that I have come to expect from Nora Roberts and I really enjoyed listening to the audio for this one. It hits on some very heavy and heartbreaking topics from child abuse, school shootings, and violence in general, but it balances that with strong family ties and a strong focus on friendship.

Adrian wasn’t raised in a typical family. Her mother got pregnant too soon and turned that into a fitness empire for pregnant women and young parents as her own child grew. Adrian grew up strong, needing to fend for herself much of the time even as she lacked little. She was a go getter, ready to go against the trend and taking the easy route and as a result she drew fantastic and loyal people to her.

LEGACY was a fun read and I’m glad that I picked this one up! This is well worth a read and I do recommend the audio!

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