Book Review

HE’LL BE WAITING by Liz Alterman

I received a complimentary copy of HE’LL BE WAITING by Liz Alterman as part of a Let’s Talk Books promotional tour!

Rating: 4 / 5

HE’LL BE WAITING begins when Tess Porter wakes up in the hospital. She’s in pain and her mind is fuzzy and she has absolutely no clue how she wound up here. Last thing she remembered was planning an evening at home alone with her boyfriend who is back from college for winter break. How did that turn into this? Her parents won’t tell her and she isn’t allowed contact with her best friend or her boyfriend. She must rely on her own memories to slowly piece together what happened.

I think it is best to go into this one blind because it was so much fun slowly piecing together what had happened along with Tess. She knows something went seriously wrong and as details begin to come back about her relationships with others and how she wound up where she is, there is an overarching sinister tone that warns that something went wrong and she may or may not actually want to know what happened.

One thing this book did really well which I wasn’t expecting was deal with the aftermath. Even once Tess pieces it all together, there is more to the story. This book deals with trauma and the feelings that linger after all is revealed that take it beyond your basic thriller. Each of the relationships in Tess’ life are impacted and changed by what happened. This is a book for those who enjoy thrillers, but also want to see what happens past the big twist reveal!

HE’LL BE WAITING is a great read for thriller fans who like having a little more to the story – and it is available now!

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