Book Review


Rating: 3.5 / 5

I have somehow managed to read the sequel to ROLLING IN THE DEEP by Mira Grant (INTO THE DROWING DEEP) twice thanks to a buddy read, but the novella that came first has sat unread on my TBR for too long. When the prompt came up to read the book that’s been on your TBR the longest, this was the one!

ROLLING IN THE DEEP follows the ship Atargatis at sea. On board is a group of entertainers and film crews commissioned by the Imagine Network has set out to film a documentary on mermaids with no real expectations of finding any proof that such a creature exists. In fact, they’ve even hired some performers to act the part of mermaids in the actual ocean waters.

As it turns out, the search for mermaids is fruitful, but these aren’t the cute Little Mermaid fairy tale creatures. These are creatures bred deep in the Mariana Trench, predators with teeth and claws who are very hungry. The Atargatis’ crew and passengers are never heard from again.

Having read the full length novel follow up to this novella, I came in with some knowledge of what was to come, but I found this a fun revisit of the mermaids with a twist story. This book was a bit more light on the science that book two got into which makes sense given that the premise of this one involved creating a fluff piece of a documentary on mermaids (where the second expedition knows there is a potential for some disaster).

I loved the diverse cast of characters and the fun (though gory) mermaid attacks. These mermaids are vicious and most humans will not stand a chance! Humans have wreaked havoc on their environment and their peace and quiet and they aren’t having it!

I don’t think this book is necessary to reading the full length novel (clearly, since I read book two twice before getting to this one), but it is a fun addition to read!

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