Monday Reading Check In

Monday Reading Check In

I received a complimentary copy of SAFE IN MY ARMS by Sara Shephard. Thank you to the author and to Dutton Books!

Happy Monday and happy Bagelfest Day! It’s an obscure “holiday” but one I can definitely get behind for my coffee and currently reading post! What is your favorite bagel? I love fresh bagel shop bagels, but I’m also a sucker for these asiago bagels from my market!

I had a great, relaxing weekend. It kicked off on Friday with the absolute highlight, I got to meet one of my favorite people, Katie from @katieneedsabiggerbookshelf for the first time in person. We had so much fun chatting over lunch and coffee and book shopping! I’m so thrilled that the book world has brought real friends into my actual daily world! The rest of my weekend involved reading, relaxing with the pup and watching TV which was just what I needed after a few busy weeks in a row!

I am just getting started on SAFE IN MY ARMS. I really enjoyed Sara Shephard’s REPUTATION, so I was thrilled to be offered a copy of her newest book. I’m just getting going, but I’m already intrigued to see where it is going. The book begins at the Silver Swans Nursery Academy, a place where the well off send their babies and young children to school with a price tag of $16K and up. It is set in a community that has been rocked by unsettling financial times and many of the families who could happily shell out that kind of money for their little ones are now struggling.

Three moms, Andrea, Lauren, and Ronnie, have just met but seem to have found kindred spirits (and some some actual spirits to spike the coffee to make it through the morning). The narrator tells us there are secrets and plans and it all has a very sinister tone that I am definitely here for! I will definitely be diving back into this one after work tonight! SAFE IN MY ARMS is out tomorrow (7/27/2021)!!

It was another good weekend for reading, so I have a few other books in progress as well, to no one’s surprise:

SO WE MEET AGAIN by Suzanne Park is a book I am reading as part of a Let’s Talk Books tour and I am really enjoying it. Jess Kim loses her Wall Street job and must make the decision to move back home with her parents. In her search for what her next move should be she reconnects with her old passion for Korean cooking, helping her mom in the kitchen and branching out on her own. Her old rival Daniel is also in town, but it’s just possible that he isn’t quite as awful as she remembers. Of course she runs into him at every turn because Nashville isn’t as big as one would think. This has been a really fun read so far (I’m about halfway through) and I look forward to finishing. The food descriptions are fantastic… don’t read this one hungry! This one comes out on August 3.

Lastly, THE HUNCHBACK OF NOTRE DAME by Victor Hugo is our #ClassicsBuddyRead book for July and August and we just had our halfway chat yesterday. I like Hugo’s writing and I enjoy the characters he develops, but we pretty universally felt this book could definitely stand to be read in an abridged fashion. Hugo has a definite purpose in his writing, to resurrect the cathedral which had fallen into a sorry state of disrepair in his time, so he spends a lot of time educating the reader on architecture and many other subjects along the way. I find this breaks up the actual story line quite a bit. I do look forward to getting back into the story before our final chat next month!

So, how about you? What are you currently reading?

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