Book Review

TRAITOR’S BLADE by Sebastien de Castell

Rating: 4 / 5

TRAITOR’S BLADE by Sebastien de Castell is the first installment in the Greatcoats series. It follows several Greatcoats, members of a group of men trained to be fighters to uphold the King’s laws. Once heroes, they have fallen and scattered after the Dukes took the kingdom and killed the King. They do have one final promise to keep to the King, but first they must band back together if there is hope to save their land.

Trigger warnings for rape, violence, torture. This is a dark read, so do go in prepared.⁠

I picked up a copy of TRAITOR’S BLADE as one of the host favorite books for the Whateverthon in June, so I went in with fairly high hopes. I really enjoyed this book as a whole. I enjoyed de Castell’s sense of humor throughout that gave me some good chuckles. I particularly enjoyed the time that the three Greatcoats Falcio, Kest, and Brasti spent together as their banter and friendly competition was great.

The writing style is also very conversational in which the narrator occasionally addresses his audience. I don’t always love this, but I think it worked well here.

There were moments that felt a bit slower for me as the men split up in different pursuits, but overall I was still very interested to keep reading. We learn the most about Falcio as he is the POV character, but I do hope to learn more about the cast as a whole as the series continues.

Overall, this was a fun read and I definitely look to continue reading (which is good given that I already bought book two).

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