Book Review

SIGHTWITCH by Susan Dennard

Rating: 4 / 5

SIGHTWITCH by Susan Dennard is book 2.5 in the author’s Witchlands series. I have been participating in the #Witchlandsalong readalong and have had some mixed feelings about the first two books, but have been intrigued enough to continue. I didn’t even post a review of book two (WINDWITCH) because my thoughts were largely the same as those in my TRUTHWITCH review. The readalong gave a full month to this novella and I am very glad they did!

SIGHTWITCH is set in the same world of the Witchlands series, a world that is made up of many different types of magic. This book however centers on one particular magic, that of the Sightwitch. Ryber is part of the Sightwitch convent where sisters are called one by one into the mountain by their goddess to be given the Sight, but Ryber’s time seems like it will never come.

When an increasing number of sisters begins to be called, including those already with the sight. When none of them return, Ryber is soon the only sister left still uncalled. Ryber sets out to find and save her sisters. In route, she meets Kullen. Kullen is a familiar face from the rest of the series, though here he has lost all memory of who or what he is.

SIGHTWITCH occurs before the rest of the Witchlands series kicks off. I really enjoyed this novella and it actually helped largely to connect a bit more into the world and the characters. My primary struggle with the first couple books is the large number of characters who get set out for the reader all at once with the action kicking off right away. There are so many unanswered questions that need clarification. In this novel we get a bit of a slower pace and some background about one of the types of magic.

All that said, this book also raises a lot of questions about how everything we learn here ties back into the rest of the series. This book uses some mixed mediums in the form of illustrations and journal pages which add to the mystery as well.

This has been a good change of pace to get me more excited to continue on with the series to get more answers about the larger world and cast of characters as well!

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