Book Review


Rating: 3.5 / 5

I received this edition of SWEET AND BITTER MAGIC by Adrienne Tooley in an Owlcrate box. I’ve been trying to get to more of my book box backlog, so this was one I picked up for a recent readathon!

SWEET AND BITTER MAGIC follows a set of opposites. Tasmin is an incredibly powerful witches, but one who has been exiled and stripped of her ability for love unless she can steal it from others. Wren is magical, but is unable to use her own magic. She lives her life caring for the father who she loves above all else.

A magical plague has overtaken the land and Wren’s father is the latest victim. Wren is determined to find help for her father, so she overcomes her fear of Tasmin to strike a bargain. Together they will find the dark witch to blame for the plague and in return, Wren will sacrifice her love for her father to Tasmin.

I enjoyed the world the author built for this novel and the magic system that forms it. I appreciate magical systems with logic behind them and here we have consequences and give and take that impact the ways in which our main characters can use magic. I also liked the slow burn relationship that develops between our two main characters as well. As they journey, they discover much more about each other before they admit their feelings for each other.

The book as a whole had a few pacing issues for me where things felt a bit slow, which isn’t entirely unexpected for a book which involves the need for travel and for secrets to be slowly unveiled. Still, I enjoyed the overall reading adventure!

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