Monday Reading Check In

FOR THE LOVE OF FRIENDS by Sara Goodman Confino

I received a complimentary copy of FOR THE LOVE OF FRIENDS by Sara Goodman Confino as part of a scheduled Let’s Talk Books tour!

Rating: 4.5 / 5
Publication Date: 8/1/2021

FOR THE LOVE OF FRIENDS follows Lily Weiss, a young single woman living the ‘always a bridesmaid, never a bride’ life. Somehow she winds up agreeing to be a bridesmaid in five weddings, all of which will be occurring in the space of about six weeks. Two siblings, her best friend from work, her best friend from college, and her all time BFF have all picked the same time to get married. What could possibly be difficult about that?

The expenses and the stress of showers, dresses, travel and life soon begin to pile on and Lily needs an outlet. She decides a blog about the crazy wedding shenanigans will be a good way to vent her frustrations and maybe pick up a few bucks along the way. She figures the chances of anyone she actually knows stumbling onto her blog isn’t going to be a problem, but of course things are bound to go wrong!

I loved this book! It was absolutely full of people behaving badly, not the least of which was Lily. This definitely has some over the top bride moments (and thankfully the weddings I’ve been in have had brides much less demanding), but I could remember the stress and expense of a single wedding in a year, so could fully feel for Lily juggling five! I did cringe a bit at how thinly veiled her identity and those of her friends and family were. Still, it was so much fun to read about while waiting for disaster to strike!

I thought the author did a fantastic job at highlighting some fun and ridiculous moments in wedding planning while keeping the impact of Lily’s actions very realistic. I could feel for Lily and for the rest of the characters involved. This book is full of fun characters you’ll want to embrace and those you will love to hate!

FOR THE LOVE OF FRIENDS was a joy to read and it is available now! This is one to add to your TBR!

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