Monday Reading Check In

Monday Reading Check In

I received a gifted copy of UNDER THE WHISPERING DOOR by TJ Klune. Thank you to Tor Books!

Happy National Book Lovers Day to all my book loving friends! Few things can make a Monday less Monday-ish but having a day focusing on books and the people who read them whether it be in print, ebook, or audio, certainly helps!

You know what else helps? Starting one of my most highly anticipated reads and probably the piece of book mail I was most excited and surprised to open this year, UNDER THE WHISPERING DOOR. It took me quite a while to get to THE HOUSE IN THE CERULEAN SEA in spite of everyone’s raving reviews, but I fell in love with it and with Klune’s writing. I am intentionally going into this without knowing a lot about it. The author did include content warnings in the beginning that this is a book dealing with topics such as death, grief, and suicide, so I am prepared to be not okay by the end of this one! This is only my second book by him (I have backlist yet to get to!) but I’m beyond excited to be reading it!

I participated in a readathon over the weekend which helped me to finish up several reads and also start several more:

THE LAST STAR STANDING by C.G. Twiles (gifted book; out now) is a book I am reading as part of a Let’s Talk Books tour. Here we’re following a former American Star (think American Idol) winner, but things all seemed to go wrong after her win and ten years later she’s a wife, mom to be with a relatively small audiobook recording career. When offered an audition to be a judge on the show reboot, it seems like this could be a chance for her family to have a more secure future… until the letters come. These letters come from an anonymous source claiming that their group is behind her downfall and they can do it again if she doesn’t watch herself. Who is sending the letters, could they really have caused all that went wrong in her life? The first half was easy to fly through and I can’t wait to get answers to all of my questions!

HOW TO KILL YOUR BEST FRIEND by Lexie Elliott (gifted book; out from Berkley Publishing 8/17/21) follows Georgie and Bron in the wake of their best friend’s death. They and their friends have gathered at the tropical resort where Lissa lost her life. They are there to say goodbye but mysterious messages and happenings have them convinced there’s more going on. I’m very much enjoying the humor and the intrigue!

Lastly, A BETTING WOMAN by Jenni L. Walsh is a Once Upon a Book Club box book. We are following a young woman who has lost everything and make some move to California on her own. The setting is around 1849 when California was full of miners seeking Fortune and not a lot of women. She establishes herself with her card prowess, dealing 21 for the men to bet what they have found. But her life of tragedy is not over yet. I’m finding this an interesting read but it’s not one I necessarily always reach to pick back up.

So, how about you? What are you currently reading for National Book Lovers Day?

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