Monday Reading Check In

THE SHOW GIRL by Nicola Harrison

I received a complimentary copy of THE SHOW GIRL by Nicola Harrison from St. Martin’s Press as part of a scheduled Let’s Talk Books tour!

Rating: 4 / 5
Publication Date: 8/10/2021

THE SHOW GIRL is set in 1920s New York. Olive is a singer and dancer with real talent and she has set her sights on becoming a star in the Ziegfeld Follies. In a world largely determined by men, she is determined to make her own way, not bowing to her father’s wishes for her future. She braves her way onto the stage and out of her parents’ house to fend for herself. She loves the glamor and glitz of Ziegfeld’s shows and the success it brings her.

When Olive meets Archie, it seems she has found a man who’s willing to accept her life as it is. But as their relationship evolves, a secret she has been keeping from her past puts a barrier between them.

The 1920s are a time period that I have not read a lot about but really enjoy. I thought Olive made for a really fun character to follow. She had incredible talent but even more so she had a strong backbone. She was fierce when it came to standing up for herself and taking brave steps forward even when outcomes weren’t sure.

It was easy to tell early on that there would be bumps in the road between Olive and Archie, but they had a good solid relationship to work from. At the end of the twenties the glitz and glamor and era of indulgences of course came to an end with the stock market crash in 1929, so it was interesting to see Olive’s life against that backdrop.

I would definitely recommend this one to those who enjoy historical fiction and strong female protagonists! THE SHOW GIRL is out now!

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