Book Review


Rating: 4 / 5

I decided to pick up a fun, light read and settled in on HAPPINESS FOR BEGINNERS by Katherine Center when I saw it was available on audio. Having just recently read the nonfiction WILD by Cheryl Strayed, this one had some fun overlap.

HAPPINESS FOR BEGINNERS follows Helen, a woman determined to try something new by signing up for a wilderness survival course. When she finds out her flaky younger brother’s best friend is also signed up (and expects her to give him a ride to Wyoming), she is not pleased. Three weeks in the wilderness brings adventure and misadventure along the way and of course secrets are unfolded to reveal more about Helen herself and the people around her.

This was a very fun read… and another example of an adventure I would not be wanting to sign up for. It was a lot of fun to get to know everyone who signed up for this trek alongside Helen and there are some interesting characters she gets to meet. Helen’s feelings of awkwardness and being out of place in this crowd felt very relatable.

I find Katherine Center’s writing to be perfect for a comfort read. There is a good mix of humorous moments, beautiful locations, humor, angst and danger along the way which had me flying through this one. I didn’t realize going into it, but this book is tied to WHAT YOU WISH FOR where Helen’s younger brother plays a leading role.

I don’t think Kylee or I are likely to sign up for any 3 week adventures to rough it in the mountains with just the bare necessities, but we did enjoy curling up with this book! I’m glad to have some more Katherine Center backlist titles still to get to!

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