Book Review


I received a complimentary copy of ALL THE LONELY PEOPLE by Mike Gayle for an honest review, thank you to Grand Central Publishing for the finished copy!

Rating: 5 / 5

ALL THE LONELY PEOPLE follows Hubert, an elderly man with little going on in his life. He has a cat, but very little human interaction in his day to day life. On weekly calls with his daughter in Australia, he tells a very different story. He spins tales of his busy life and good friends. The lies are so elaborate that he keeps a set of notes next to the phone to refer back to.

When Hubert receives news that means that his lies are going to catch up with him, he is determined to minimize the damage by going out and finding friends and a life like the one he’s been pretending to plan. Things don’t go the way he expects, but he meets some interesting characters from a variety of backgrounds along the way.

This book will break your heart and build you back up again and again. We’re getting two timelines, one in the present day and also flashbacks to Hubert’s past explaining how a man who was once happy in love and work came to be living the life he has today.

This book tackles a lot of issues around racism and discrimination. Hubert is an immigrant from Jamaica to the UK. He falls in love with a white woman which poses a lot of challenges from general discrimination against his mixed race children and his wife’s family’s harsh disapproval. The book also handles questions of aging, loneliness and depression as well.

This is a book that you will want to pick up as soon as possible! This wound up being my top read for July and I highly recommend it!

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