Monday Reading Check In

Monday Reading Check In

Happy Monday, friends! I hope your week is off to a good start! Mine is in need of a few extra doses of caffeine, but I can’t complain too much. I got some fantastic reading in over the weekend and did a bit of sleep catch up (though not enough it seems). I do have a lot I’m looking forward to reading this week too!

I finally picked up and finished BLOOD & HONEY by Shelby Mahurin earlier this month. It took me a while to get into it in the beginning as I refreshed myself with the characters and story. One of the main characters Reid has a lot of things to emote and contemplate and consider and it is a bit much in the beginning before the action gets going. I also quickly realized that this was not a book for audio. The male narrator made Reid sound even more whiney and even younger than he actually is. While I typically like when dual POV books have two narrators, I found the vastly different way the two narrators voiced the characters to be rather jarring and it made it hard to connect the different points of view for me. I switched entirely to print half way through B&H and found that I started enjoying it much more.

By the end of B&H I was really enjoying the book, so I immediately ordered GODS & MONSTERS. It arrived on Thursday and I promised myself I wouldn’t let this book sit on my shelf for ages without finishing the series, so started it last night. While it is over 600 pages and while I have been reading in print slower lately, I will be sticking with print until I finish this series off! This one has been a little easier to get into since I just finished book two, though there are a few things that make me want to yell at the characters over a bit. I am only a few chapters in, though, so will give them a bit of time to regroup after the big ending of the previous novel before I get too frustrated with them.

Because starting one chunky book wasn’t enough, I started a few other things over the weekend:

A MILLION THINGS by Emily Spurr (gifted book; out from Berkley Publishing 8/24/21) follows a young girl named Rae. Rae’s mom frequently leaves her for small periods of time, but always comes back… until now. Rae isn’t quite willing to face the reality of what she knows has happens so she carries on with living life and keeping up appearances as she’s always done. This book is heartbreaking and not an easy read, but is gripping all the same.

Lastly, RHYTHM OF WAR by Brandon Sanderson is my new audiobook. This is book four in the Stormlight Archive series and I have been very much enjoying the series, though I have been procrastinating starting this one. Partially this is because the readalong for the series has continued to push this book back to allow everyone to catch up on some of Sanderson’s other books that relate to this one, but also because it’s over 1200 pages long… over 56 hours on audio! This is also my last reading challenge read for the year (doing double duty as my longest book on my TBR and my ‘you read what?’ prompt for sheer length). This one will take me a bit to get through (I only made it to 3% last night), but the audio for this series is fantastic so I look forward to working my way through this novel!

What are you currently reading as we head into the back half of August?

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