Monday Reading Check In


I received a complimentary copy of THE LAST STAR STANDING by C.G. Twiles from the author as part of a scheduled Let’s Talk Books tour!

Rating: 4 / 5

THE LAST STAR STANDING follows a former American Star (think American Idol) winner, but after her big win things began to go all wrong. She has problems with her voice, and tragedies with both her professional and personal life to deal with. By the time things start to calm down her career is pretty much done. It is now 10 years later and Piper has married, she has a baby on the way, and she has relatively stable work if not super lucrative recording audiobooks.

With the 10th anniversary of her super popular season of American Star, she’s been tracked down for an interview which brings up her old feelings about the show. She is given the chance to audition to be a judge on the show reboot. This could be just what her family needs, stable and lucrative work right in New York where she lives. Problem is, not everyone is happy about her opportunity. Letters begin to arrive from an unknown source claiming that a powerful organization was behind her downfall. And now that things are on the rise, they can bring her back down if she doesn’t do what they want and what they want is murder.

This book quickly had me intrigued! Piper has been through so much from a meteoric rise to fame to a slow but steady fall out of the public eye. The world assumes her fame brought her fortune, but really she and her husband are just trying to make ends meet in order to bring a baby up in New York City. I didn’t always like the decisions Piper was making, but her stress over her past and her future combined with the manipulation of the person behind the letters made me feel for her even so. Some of the assumptions Piper made were ones that I had a feeling were wrong from the outside looking in, but I was incredibly hooked to see how she would handle her assumptions and how she would confront the truth.

This book kept me hooked to keep reading and see how things would turn out and it brought a few twists that I did not expect! This was my first book by C.G. Twiles but I would definitely want to read more.

THE LAST STAR STANDING is available now!

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