Monday Reading Check In

Monday Reading Check In

Happy Monday, friends, another one that arrived way too soon! I hope you all had a lovely weekend. I took off Friday for an extended, stay at home weekend and it was a nice break. I caught up on some (not enough) sleep, got in some good reading and spent time with the pup! I started off the weekend with 8 in progress reads and managed to get it down to 5… and then back up to 6!

My audio hold for BILLY SUMMERS by Stephen King came in and since there is quite the waiting list at the library, I bumped it up on my priority list so I can turn it around and get it back to the next in line. This one follows Billy, a man who does bad things for a living, but as is often the case with King’s characters, the reader is drawn in by him. Yes he kills for money, but he also has the type of personality that draws people in. He’s the typical ‘he was so nice’ and ‘we never suspected anything’ guy next door. Billy is also exploring his potential as a writer and King uses his desire to write his own story to give the reader insight into Billy’s past.

As with most of King’s works, I find this translates really well to audio too. Stephen King is an author that I grew up reading with my dad and I’ve read the majority of his books. I think some have been surprised at how not-horror this is, but King is an author who crosses multiple genres and I enjoy that about his books. I look forward to seeing where this book takes the story!

As I mentioned, I have quite a few books in progress:

THE HEART PRINCIPLE by Helen Hoang (gifted book; out from Berkley Publishing 8/31/21) follows Anna and Quan. Anna is a violinist who can’t seem to find her passion for the music anymore after a video of her went viral. She now feels she can’t do anything perfect enough and is stuck trying again and again. When her boyfriend decides they should be seeing other people, Anna meets Quan for an attempt at a one night stand. It goes very badly, but somehow the pair grow to be friends with the potential for more. Both have issues they are trying to overcome before they can make a relationship work. I like the mental health rep in this one and the way the two are becoming friends as they try to build to a relationship!

THE LAST CHANCE LIBRARY by Freya Sampson (gifted book; out from Berkley Publishing 8/31/21) finds shy librarian June forced to step up and fight for the library she loves as the local council threatens to shut it down over budget cuts. June lives a relatively solitary life in the wake of her mother’s death, but finds friendships and comfort from her work at the library. Her old friend Alex is back in town as well and he’s willing to help June to both help the library and maybe improve her social life as well if she’ll take a few brave steps forward. This is a sweet bookish read so far!

RESET by Sarina Dahlan came in my Once Upon a Book Club box. It is set in a not too distant future version of California that has been wiped out by war and drought. The Planner has developed four self-sustaining cities that have survived in the desert. One of the ways the city thrives is through Tabula Rasa. Every four years the minds of everyone is wiped clean and everyone starts a brand new life with no memory of what came before. This way all learned prejudice is wiped out and everyone lives in peace. Of course, not everyone likes this way of living and there are those who want change. Some have vivid dreams which some think are memories of the past breaking through. Our main character Aris believes in the system and is excited for the next reset in four months, but things begin to happen which make her question who she has been and what she may have forgot.

Lastly, to round out my six in progress reads, I am still working my way through RHYTHM OF WAR by Brandon Sanderson (I made it to 25% which is an accomplishment in a 57 hour long audiobook) and THE COLLECTED STORIES OF EUDORA WELTY by Eudora Welty (which I’m pacing out over the year)!

What are you currently reading as we head into the last full week of August?

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