Book Review


Rating: 4.5 / 5

I KILLED ZOE SPANOS follows Anna. As a teen, Anna has been a bit of a wild child, drinking too much, blacking out, and finding herself in the back of police cars on a few occasions. Now that she’s graduated high school and is preparing for college, she has taken a job in the Hamptons caring for a young girl for the summer. This is her opportunity to not only save up for college, but start anew away from bad influences.

The thing about Anna’s fresh start is that it doesn’t feel entirely new. Anna somehow knows things about the people and places around the town and they seem to know her too. It turns out that she’s an almost exact match to Zoe Spanos, a young woman who disappeared on New Year’s Eve. Anna can’t explain her connection to Zoe, but when Zoe’s body is found, Anna confesses to killing her. Along with Anna’s story, we’re also following another young woman Martina as she investigates Zoe’s disappearance. She’s the best friend of Zoe’s sister and she’s not sold on the police having done a good investigation and she feels like Anna’s confession is questionable.

I really enjoyed this book! I wound up picking it up on audio and I am so glad I did because they did a full cast production on Martina’s podcast episodes which really enhanced the story. We get a lot of the background from key players on that podcast in addition to Martina’s thoughts on the production.

The majority of the book focuses on Anna’s story before the discover of Zoe’s body. Her story and her confusion kept me guessing as to what exactly was going on and changing theories quite often! How could she possibly know about obscure things like ice cream flavors in the local shop when everything points to her never having been to this location before? As Anna gets to know the neighbor boy, Zoe’s ex, the complicated relationship also kept me thinking and wondering where it was headed. The author really kept me hooked needing answers!

This is a fun one to pick up on audio especially and a YA thriller I would definitely recommend!

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