Monday Reading Check In

Monday Reading Check In

Happy Monday, friends! Today is my official last day working from home. The adjustment to being back at the office has been a tough one (though possibly more for my pup Kylee than for me), especially as things have started ramping back up recently with testing and reporting and all the extras that this past year and a half added on to my workload. The burn out is real, but I did give myself this coming Friday off to make for a great four day weekend at the beginning of September to start off my first full month of being back at the office full time on the right note. Now, to survive the week until then!

I have been slowly making my way through RHYTHM OF WAR by Brandon Sanderson. This is book four in his Stormlight Archive series and the most recent release and it is huge! It is 57.5 hours on audio and 1232 pages in print, so it isn’t a quick read, but I am very much enjoying it. I am hoping to finish this one off by the end of the month and with about 12 hours of audio left as of this morning, I think I can do it. I don’t look forward to having to wait with everyone else for the next installment now that I’ll be fully caught up. I have mostly been reading this via audio, but the illustrations in the print edition are stunning to check out as well!

Sanderson is very good at building his worlds and his characters in a way that isn’t overwhelming even given the large cast and scope of his story. This one has brought a lot of depth in expanding characters’ lives and there has been a heavy focus on mental health as well. I appreciated that the book began with Sanderson’s thanks to a list of individuals who have consulted with him on some of the issues of mental health and other subjects on which he himself is not an own voices writer.

With a huge book I’m hoping to finish this month, of course I started a few other books too:

MOM JEANS AND OTHER MISTAKES by Alexa Martin (gifted book; out from Berkley Publishing 9/7/21) Jude and Lauren who have nothing in common apart from a nearly lifelong friendship. Lauren is a single mom trying to raise her wonderful daughter Addy. Jude has some insta fame as an influencer. Both have fallen on hard times recently, so they’ve decided to move in together so Jude can help raise Addy and they can help each other make ends meet. Each comes with baggage of difficult families and pasts to work through. I am halfway into this one and enjoying it so far!

THE KINDEST LIE by Nancy Johnson is a book I picked up at random over the weekend. It begins with the election of President Obama to his first term, a time when Ruth is feeling hope as a Black woman in America. Her husband is eager to start their family, but first Ruth must find a way to tell him a secret she’s been keeping about her past. Ruth got pregnant as a teen and gave the baby away. With her marriage on the rocks, Ruth travels home to confront her past and try to find out about her son. This one sucked me right in and I’m looking forward to finishing.

With several readathons kicking off on September 1, I am hoping to wrap up all of my current reads before then. What are you currently reading to finish off the month?

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