My September TBR

Happy September! I can’t believe we’re getting close to the official end of summer (summer has a ways to go in California), but I am looking forward to fall… eventually… coming! My TBR is going to be a bit chaotic this month with two month long readathons I’m super excited for in addition to my usual buddy reads and challenges. Thankfully I think I can fit some of my buddy reads into the prompts and I hopefully will find more overlaps as the month goes on.

I had so much fun with Bookoplathon last year, so I am participating again this year. I’ve decided to do a few rolls to start things off for the month and then plan as I go. I plan to share my rolls as the month goes on in my bookstagram stories, so keep an eye out for those!

The Magical Readathon is the return of an old readathon with an entirely new world and mythology behind it and I am so impressed at the work that has gone into it. This will be my first time participating and I’m super excited for it as well. There are seven prompts plus some extras that can be done this month or later in preparation for the next readathon and all seem pretty easy to fill. I’ll start off with the first couple, then pick as I go (technically you only have to read two books, but I’m hoping to knock out all the prompts.

And as it is always my goal to get to books that I already own on my shelves, I am also hoping to participate in #Readwhatyouown hosted by @kdbwrites. I can’t commit to only reading what I own in September (though I do at least own what I have planned so far in some format or another), but I am going to try to take the route of committing to reading at least two books I’ve owned for at least two years.

IN MY DREAMS I HOLD A KNIFE by Ashley Winstead – #SaturdayBookstaClub

JADE CITY by Fonda Lee – #MagicMayhemReads

JAMAICA INN by Daphne du Maurier – #ClassicsBuddyRead

SECOND SISTER by Linden A. Lewis – #deepdarkreads

VELVET WAS THE NIGHT by Silvia Moreno-Garcia – #BoozyBuddyRead

Readathon Picks…

#Bookoplathon ūüé≤

Roll #1 – 5+5 – TBR Game – I played, I lost, I got BEACH READ by Emily Henry

Roll #1b (because doubles = an extra roll) – 6+3 – Current Events – EMPIRE OF PAIN by Patrick Radden Keefe

Roll #2 – 4+3 – Steal a Book (pick a book from someone else’s TBR) – FOOL’S FATE by Robin Hobb #Elderlingalong

Roll #3 – 4+1 – Disability / MH Rep – THE PRISON HEALER by Lynette Noni

Roll #4 – 3+4 – Most Recent Purchase – NAMESAKE by Adrienne Young

Roll #5 – 4+6 – Gods – GRAVE MERCY by Robin LaFevers


The Novice Path Entrance – a book with a map – GRAVE MERCY by Robin LaFevers

Ashtorn Tree – a book that keeps tempting you / top of your TBR – NAMESAKE by Adrienne Young

The Mist of Solitude – a standalone – BEACH READ by Emily Henry

Ruin of the Skye – a book featuring ghosts, a haunted house, or supernatural elements – TBD

Obsidian Falls – a thriller or mystery book – WE WERE NEVER HERE by Andrea Bartz – #SaturdayBookstaClub

Tower of Rumination – a five star prediction – FOOL’S FATE by Robin Hobb

Orillium Acadamy Arc – a book with a school setting – TBD

What are you looking forward to reading in September? See any on my list that you’ve read or want to? I’d love to hear!