Book Review

WHO IS MAUD DIXON? by Alexandra Andrews

Rating: 4 / 5

WHO IS MAUD DIXON? by Alexandra Andrews was one of our July book picks for #SaturdayBookstaClub. Yes – July… I really need to slow down my reading and speed up my review posting.

WHO IS MAUD DIXON? follows Florence, a young woman who had big plans to become an author. She’s received some positive feedback on her first attempts and is hopeful for the future. When she loses her job she is in the perfect position for a new opportunity and she finds one that sounds perfect. The elusive and popular author Maud Dixon is in need of a new assistant. She must sign an NDA because no one knows Maud’s actual identity, but Florence is willing to do anything for this opportunity.

When the real author behind the pseudonym decides a research trip to Morocco is needed for her next novel, Florence is happy to go along. It ends up not being the idyllic adventure Florence imagines and she wakes up in the hospital. Helen is dead and she suddenly has the opportunity of a lifetime… could she be Maud Dixon?

This book was quite the wild ride! The author really had me hooked throughout to see what would happen to Florence next! Florence is not a really likeable character – she makes some really bad decisions and she’s so overly confident – but she is fascinating to be able to follow. Each time she changes trajectory you can’t wait to see what she’ll do next.

I did see a few of the twists coming, but it was such a fun read to speculate about with the buddy read group! I would recommend adding this to your TBR!

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