Monday Reading Check In

Monday Reading Check In

Happy Monday and Happy Labor Day friends! I took Friday off making this into a four day weekend and it has been just what I needed (if still far too short). I ran errands on Friday stocking up on snacks and breakfast treats for the weekend and made a trek to the mall for bookstore and craft store stops. The rest of the weekend has been about reading mixed with puppy time and crafting.

If you saw my #bookstagram stories over the weekend, you might have seen that I decided to do a few (3) more rolls of the dice for #Bookoplathon and wound up with so SO many doubles that I added 7 books to my official TBR, so it’s a good thing I haven’t been able to put my books down! My current read for the morning is FOOL’S FATE by Robin Hobb for #Elderlingalong.

I just got started on this 33 hour audiobook so I am only about 100 pages into the book, but I am loving being back with Fitz! This is book three of The Tawny Man trilogy and book 9 in the overall Realm of the Elderlings series. My understanding is that the author planned to wrap everything up at this book (before coming back and writing a bunch more), so I’m a little scared about how this book will treat me. Hobb is known for breaking hearts and the characters we love! There isn’t a lot I can say about this book at this point since it is so far into the series, but I am fully committed to these characters and their stories!

While I have been bingeing and finishing books over the weekend, I do have a couple books in progress for buddy reads:

MY SWEET GIRL by Amanda Jayatissa (gifted book; out from Berkley Publishing 9/14/21) follows Paloma, a young woman who was adopted as a child from Sri Lanka. She’s now estranged from her adoptive family and cut off from the family money. She comes home one day to find the dead body of her roommate. She and Arun were not getting along, in fact he has discovered something dark from her past and she is trying to raise the funds to buy his silence. Still, the shock of finding him dead causes her to flee and by the time she returns and summons the police, the body is gone and all signs of Arun are too. I’m at the halfway mark in this one and I have SO many questions! We’re getting two timelines, Paloma in the Sri Lankan orphanage before her adoption and 30 year old Paloma in the present day and both stories have me intrigued to learn more!

WE WERE NEVER HERE by Andrea Bartz is our current #SaturdayBookstaClub read and we had a great chat about the first half over the weekend. This follows Emily, a young woman on vacation with her BFF. When she comes back to the hotel to find her best friend Kristin standing over a body, she’s instantly reminded of a previous experience on a previous vacation. She steps up to help her friend cover up what has happened for fear that the local police wouldn’t understand. She is understandably traumatized, but even more so freaked out by Kristin’s lack of an apparent response. This is a very slow burn, but it has my mind constantly formulating theories and I can’t wait to see if any of them pan out in the second half!

September has been an amazing reading month so far and I’m making good progress on my readathons. I have finished 5 out of 13 Bookoplaton books, 3 out of 7 reading prompts for the Magical Readathon, and so far all of my books this month have come from my own shelves (digital or physical) for #ReadWhatYouOwn! I am hoping to make some progress on these books and maybe start something new today before the reality of the work world hits again tomorrow!

How was your weekend? If you get today off, how are you spending it?

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