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Rating: 4 / 5

I received INSTRUCTIONS FOR DANCING by Nicola Yoon in my YA Once Upon a Book Club box. I had enjoyed Nicola Yoon’s past novels, so was happy to pick this one up even without knowing much about it!

INSTRUCTIONS FOR DANCING follows Evie, a young woman who has given up on love. Not only did she learn that her parents were getting a divorced, she also caught her father cheating on her mother, so she is done. When she suddenly begins to see visions of kissing couples’ entire love stories from first meet to heartbreak, it only serves to cement her heart against romance.

Enter X. X is a young man she meets at the La Brea Dance Studio, her new partner as they learn classic dances for a competition. He seems to be working his way into her heart and Evie must consider whether she will risk heartbreak.

This book will break your heart, but even so it was an uplifting read. I really felt for Evie and all that she goes through. Finding out the father she idolized broke her mother’s heart and permanently ended their family as she knew it was a lot to handle. On top of that she’s adjusting to graduating high school and what life will look like next fall when all of her friends head in separate directions.

The relationship between X and Evie was sweet, but I would say this is more of a coming of age story for Evie mixed with magic and dance. I really enjoyed this one overall.

I really love the variety of books that I get from Once Upon a Book Club and this was a great box overall. If you’d like to give this box a try for yourself, DGREADS10 will give you 10% off your first order!

2 thoughts on “INSTRUCTIONS FOR DANCING by Nicola Yoon”

  1. I don’t usually like romance, but I did like ‘Everything, Everything’ so maybe I’d like this too? My mom owns ‘The Sun is Also a Star’ so I feel like I should catch up on that one before I read this. Great review!

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