Monday Reading Check In

Monday Reading Check In

I received a gifted copy of FERAL CREATURES by Kira Jane Buxton from Grand Central Publishing.

Well… it’s Monday. And as of today I am full time back in my office. I got so spoiled getting to take my Monday currently reading pictures before I started work from my home office… I need to get back in the habit of taking my picture early, but for today I thought I’d show what my Monday morning coffee and breakfast and reading actually entails… a travel mug, a thermos with a breakfast sandwich and my current read on audio! Thankfully I have a good book to listen to while I ease back into the work week!

FERAL CREATURES follows in the wake of Kira Jane Buxton’s HOLLOW KINGDOM which I read and really enjoyed earlier this year. I have had a few really heartbreaking reads in the past few days, so I decided that I needed something with some humor to it and I knew this book would deliver. (Let’s not examine what it says about me that my ‘pick me up’ book is a book in which humans have essentially become extinct!)

It is hard to say a lot about this one without potentially spoiling some of the fun from book one, but our narrator S.T. is still the same crow, often rude and definitely foul mouthed, but with a good human loving heart. So far in this one there have been some great laughable moments (S.T.’s footnotes are great!) and we’re exploring some new territory not visited in book one which is always fun too! If you enjoyed book one, I would definitely recommend this one and if you haven’t read the first, get to it!

I actually only have one other book in progress at the moment as I really just couldn’t put my weekend reads down. I’m currently reading A SEPARATE PEACE by John Knowles for a Rory Gilmore Reading Challenge and it will also work as my book set in a school setting for the Magical Readathon. This is following a group of young men at an all boys boarding school. With the approaching war, these characters are too young for the draft, but old enough to know what is potentially looming in their future and they’re living life in that window of time. I am really enjoying this one so far and will look forward to finishing it up this week!

Did you read anything good over the weekend that should be on my TBR?

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