Book Review

HOW TO WALK AWAY by Katherine Center

Rating: 4.5 / 5

When I decided to prioritize owned books for #ReadWhatYouOwn September hosted by @kdbwrites, I pulled out a stack of the oldest books on my shelves. There actually aren’t all that many because I didn’t buy nearly the number of books I do these days in my pre-Bookstagram days! When a Randomize Your TBR came up for #Bookstagram, I decided to randomize out of this #ReadWhatYouOwn stack and was thrilled when it picked HOW TO WALK AWAY by Katherine Center! This was my first ever #BookstagramMadeMeDoIt purchase after one of my first booksta friends recommended it and I’ve been meaning to get to it ever since!

HOW TO WALK AWAY follows Margaret, a young woman who seems to have life under control. She’s been offered a wonderful new job and she’s convinced her boyfriend is about to propose! The problem is that she is incredibly scared of flying and her boyfriend is working on getting his pilot’s license. He pressures her into taking a flight with him and she lets herself be talked into it. That’s when life takes an abrupt turn with a crash landing. Her now fiancé walks away without a scratch and Margaret can no longer walk.

Margaret finds herself in the hospital, her parents at her side but her fiancé MIA. Her time there is spent dealing with her recovery, but also family secrets that come to the surface in the wake of the tragedy. As she deals with the loss of her ability to walk, she must also deal with heartbreak on multiple levels. At the same time, she must open herself up to new people and experiences.

I am so glad I “had” to read this book this month – it was the emotional, but uplifting read that I needed in the midst of some darker, heavier books. I have to say I hated Margaret’s boyfriend from the very beginning. If you have a phobia or something makes you uncomfortable, the people who love you should understand that! If you’re afraid of any form of flying, getting into a small jet with an UNLICENSED pilot really is not the way to go! Still, without that we wouldn’t have this story!

I loved the way the author balanced happy moments with the heartbreak and anger that go along with such a devastating injury. I was definitely pulling for Margaret and the relationships she formed throughout her recovery!

I have been slowly working my way through Katherine Center’s backlist and that process will continue until I run out of books! This is one I would definitely recommend if you haven’t had the opportunity to read it yet!

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