Book Review

THE DISAPPEARING ACT by Catherine Steadman

I received a gifted copy of THE DISAPPEARING ACT by Catherine Steadman from Random House / Ballantine Books! This was one of our #SaturdayBookstaClub buddy read books for August!

Rating: 4 / 5

THE DISAPPEARING ACT begins with Mia Eliot, a talented actress with a personal life that is a flop. After her boyfriend abandons her in a ridiculous manner, Mia makes her way from the UK to LA to work on breaking into the American acting scene. While attending an audition, she meets Emily and immediately likes her, though they know they will likely be competing for the same roles. When Emily goes missing leaving Mia in possession of some of her things, Mia is of course concerned.

A woman shows up to claim Emily’s belongings. This woman says she is Emily, but she isn’t the woman that Mia met at the audition. When strange things continue to occur, Mia is left to wonder what is in her own mind and what is actually going on!

This book really sucked me in and kept me guessing throughout. The author did an excellent job or setting Mia up for things to go very wrong. Mia makes some choices I definitely didn’t agree with, but I also couldn’t blame her for her curiosity as strange things kept occurring, even if she had only met the missing girl once. We had a lot of theories at the midway chat for this book, and we made some decent guesses, but there were still surprises to be had!

The author is an actress herself, so getting some insights into the Hollywood scene was really interesting as well! I definitely recommend this one to fans of twisty reads! I’ve already ordered another Catherine Steadman backlist book that I hope to get to soon!

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