Monday Reading Check In

Happy Monday Friends!! I hope you had a fantastic weekend! I had a great weekend spending good time with great people and fantastic food… but I feel a bit like I need a weekend to recover from my weekend. Think anyone will notice me curled up asleep under my desk?

For this morning’s currently reading update, I have SISTERS OF THE RESISTANCE by Christine Wells. I had heard a bit about this around the bookternet, so was happy to receive it in my Once Upon a Book Club Box. I’ve been in a bit of a historical fiction slump, but the lure of going through one of my OUABC books (and the gifts that come with it) sucked me in and I’m glad I picked it up!

This book follows two sisters, Gabby and Yvette. We follow them both in Paris in two timelines, 1944 when the war is beginning to wane, but Paris is still occupied by the Germans and in 1947 when Paris is beginning to recover from the war. In 1944 both sisters are drawn into the fight in different ways, drawn in by resident Catherine Dior. This means great danger for both women, but the people they are fighting for are with it. In the modern day, Yvette is returning to Paris from New York, asked to testify in one of the post-war trials. She’s also hoping to reunite with her sister and begin a life working for Christian Dior as a model. I am really enjoying uncovering what happened between the two slightly separate timelines and look forward to reading more.

As a reminder, you can use my code DGREADS10 for a discount at Once Upon a Book Club Box. I really enjoy getting these boxes each month as they often push me to pick up books I might not otherwise have reached for. So far, SISTERS OF THE RESISTANCE is one of those books I’m very happy was included in this sub!

In other reading, I am halfway into THE LITTLE GIRL IN THE WINDOW by C.G. Twiles (gifted copy for a tour with Let’s Talk Books). The book follows Romy, a young woman who made a grievous mistake when she was 14 years old leaving the town darling Misty Glass dead. In the present day, Romy reunites with Misty’s boyfriend at the time, the guy she had an intense crush on. Set in early 2020 as the world is just beginning to realize the seriousness of Covid, the two band together to wait things out, but Romy is still plagued by guilt over never telling anyone what happened to Misty. When a girl starts appearing at the window telling her she’s a bad person, is it real or is it her guilty conscience? I am looking forward to seeing how this resolves!

Lastly, I have started CITY OF GHOSTS by Victoria Schwab. This is book one in the Cassidy Blake series where Cassidy has the ability to see ghosts (most notably her ghostly best friend) and step through the veil to the other side. Her parents have always made a living writing about the paranormal but unknown to them, she’s the one actually living it. I don’t read a lot of middle grade, but I have loved V.E. Schwab’s YA and adult novels, so I decided to give this series a shot and so far I am really enjoying it!

With September winding down fast, what are you looking to finish up by the end of the month? I’d love to hear!

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