Monday Reading Check In


I received a complimentary copy of THE LITTLE GIRL IN THE WINDOW by C.G. Twiles from the author as part of a scheduled Let’s Talk Books tour! After reading THE LAST STAR STANDING, I was excited to receive another of the author’s books!

Rating: 4 / 5

THE LITTLE GIRL IN THE WINDOW follows Romy, a woman with a troubled past. As a fourteen year old girl, she spent her days sneaking into the country club pool area to draw and to watch her crush, eighteen year old Heath. Heath is friendly toward her, but when he starts going out with Misty, Romy feels a bit left behind. She decides to pull a prank on Misty and Heath, but the prank goes horribly awry and she’s been living with the guilt ever since.

In early 2020, Romy and Heath have reconnected in New York just as the world starts hearing about this thing called Covid. Romy invites Heath back with her to their hometown where her grandmother’s home is sitting empty. As the two figure out how to navigate in this changing world, Romy begins to reconnect with old friends and piece together a bit more about the past. When a creepy little girl begins appearing at the windows, telling her she’s bad and horrible, she isn’t sure if it is an actual girl, her own guilty conscience or something even more disturbing.

This book quickly hooked me in and kept me wondering throughout what exactly was going on. Romy was a pretty lonely kid with only one friend from whom she was distanced over the summer and the grandmother she lived with. Her art was her one outlet, plus her crush on Heath. While I could absolutely feel sorry for Romy, she was a complicated character and I went back and forth a few times on how I felt about her. Still, I was turning pages to see where her story and her (sometimes questionable) choices would take her.

I will say that this book does capture the early days of Covid well and the pandemic is a driving force throughout the novel. The Goodreads synopsis doesn’t mention this so it surprised me a bit. It brought back memories of those early days especially with different people sharing different theories, talk about product shortages and TP shipments, the exhaustion of first responders, etc.

It took a bit for the pace of the book to really get moving as there was a lot of set up in the beginning, but the second half I especially flew thorough. This book really delves into the psychological part of the psychological thriller and I would recommend it!


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