Monday Reading Check In

Happy Monday! I hope you all had a wonderful weekend! I was exhausted after my first week spending all five days busy at the office, but I did have a fun sushi evening with my BFF topped off with a stop for ice cream! We’ve been having a heat wave here and its hitting me right in the allergies, but I’m hoping we’ll be cooling back off in the next couple days!

I got some good reading in this weekend too and I decided to lean heavy into the fall vibes with my mug and candle and books even if it does feel like full on summer still. I started LATER by Stephen King last night and I am loving it so far! The narrator of the story will tell you – more than once – that this is a horror story and it is perfect for October. We’re hearing the story from Jamie, a man looking back on the experiences of his childhood.

Jamie wasn’t a normal kid, he had the ability to see the dead and talk to them in the days following their death. From the traumatic sights of those who had violent deaths to the potential to visit with someone with a final message to leave for those left behind, his days are far from normal. Whether people close to him believe what he sees or whether they find ways to make use of his talent, I suspect this is one where the living might be more the horror than the departed? I am definitely finishing this one up today!

In keeping with my monstrous reading theme, I also picked up FEEDBACK by Mira Grant. This is book four in the Newsflesh series, but it acts essentially as a standalone set in the same world as the initial trilogy with mentions of the happenings of the first three books. This series is set in world where science produced valuable cures for the common cold and for cancer, but the cures combined and mutated to infect all mammals over a certain weight with the virus that causes the dead to rise hungry. The world’s news is primarily delivered by bloggers and this book is following a new set of diverse bloggers following a Democratic candidate for the presidency. I’m about halfway in and I’m really enjoying revisiting this world, the action and the conspiracies. Again, the humans might just be more dangerous than the zombie mobs.

Are you picking up anything spooky to start off the month? What are you currently reading? I’d love to hear!

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