Book Review

IN THE BLOOD by Lisa Unger

Rating: 4 / 5

After reading and loving THE STRANGER INSIDE by Lisa Unger with the #SaturdayBookstaClub group last year, I immediately added more Lisa Unger books to my shelves. IN THE BLOOD is one I picked up quite a while back at the used book store, so I was happy to finally pick it up!

IN THE BLOOD follows Lana, a young woman with big secrets. There is a lot of darkness in Lana’s past and she has become a pro at lying to cover them up. When she takes a job babysitting a troubled eleven year old named Luke, Lana finally finds someone who may just equal her ability to manipulate the truth. Luke has a history of violence and other behavioral issues and his single mother has struggled to keep babysitters who are willing to show up. When Lana’s friend disappears, Lana winds up in the middle of an ever expanding web of lies, but what does Luke know and how is he involved?

This one pretty quickly hooked me in and though I didn’t necessarily love Lana initially, I really enjoyed getting to learn more about her and her past. The author did a good job of keeping me hooked throughout. Luke definitely had me intrigued from the beginning as well. You can definitely see why he’s had a lot of turnover in babysitters, but the interactions between Lana and Luke were fantastic.

This was a very enjoyable read and I flew through it. I appreciated the twists and turns the author brought into the mix. It has me even more excited for our #SaturdayBookstaClub buddy read for Lisa Unger’s new book LAST GIRL GHOSTED later this month!

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