Book Review

CUL-DE-SAC by Joy Fielding

I received a gifted copy of CUL-DE-SAC by Joy Fielding from Random House / Ballantine Books! This was one of our #SaturdayBookstaClub buddy read books for October!

Rating: 4 / 5

CUL-DE-SAC is a story of a neighborhood of strangers where people don’t know what is going on behind closed doors, or sometimes even what is going on within their own homes. This cul-de-sac is made up of five houses with five families, each with its own troubles. Maggie is a newly separated mom with two kids who lives in fear of something in her past. Nick and Dani, an oncologist and a dentist with two sons appear to have a perfect life. Julia is an elderly mother with a grandson in trouble. Olivia and Sean are making ends meet after he’s lost his job and is struggling to find a new one. Aiden and Heidi are newlyweds, but Heidi’s overbearing mother-in-law might doom the marriage before it starts.

The synopsis for this one tells you that someone will die of a gunshot, but the majority of the book is the backstory to that single event. The chapters alternate between the main characters in each house as their secrets come to life. I was hooked to the audiobook for this one and really rooting for some of the characters to come out safe with a path ahead to recovery from the problems in their life.

It wasn’t always an easy read. This book is full of difficult content, so do go in forewarned. There are a lot of guns and no shortage of potential victims as the novel unfolds. There is definitely some messaging here as well about gun violence and the prevalence of guns in general in the U.S.

Trigger warnings for gun violence, domestic violence, rape, suicidal thoughts and other mental health issues.

This was the type of book easy to fly through while provoking a lot of content for discussion, so it wound up a great buddy read pick. This was my first book by Joy Fielding, but I do look forward to reading more. CUL-DE-SAC is available now!

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