Book Review


Thank you to Macmillan Books, the author, and Bookish First for the complimentary advance readers’ edition of SKYHUNTER by Marie Lu.

Rating: 4 / 5

SKYHUNTER is sent in a world largely ruled by the Karensa Federation. Mara is one of the few free nations left and it has trained up an elite force of Strikers to fight against the Federation and the mutant creatures known as Ghosts who are sent to attack Mara. Even so, the Federation has all the resources that Mara lacks and it seems that their time of freedom is limited.

Talin has always been an outsider. Her original home was taken over by the Federation and her father and her own voice were lost. Talin and her mother have found asylum in Mara, but still they aren’t counted as equals. Talin has managed to prove herself a strong Striker, and in a population that values the ability to be silent, her own voiceless communication proves useful. When she impetuously stands up for a poisoner of war, she is tasked with partnering him. It is meant as a death sentence for them both, but she begins to sense there may be a benefit to their partnership.

I really enjoyed this scifi story and Talin’s perspective especially. She is a strong young woman, but not without her scars both physical and emotional. She doesn’t have a full recollection of what happened to her home and her father and her voice. She’s gutsy and determined to stand strong in her role as striker, even as she’s willing to sacrifice everything when she feels she must stand up for this prisoner against those in charge.

This book wrapped up well, while still leaving me eager for more. I would recommend this one to the scifi / fantasy fans. This was a fantastic read and I look forward to seeing what comes next! The second book STEELSTRIKER in this duology recently came out and I already have it on hold at the library.

I was able to use my points on Bookish First to get this book for free. If you haven’t already signed up for BF, it is a great way to earn points for reviewing books (something I suspect we all do anyway) and a great place to enter giveaways for books. If you sign up using my referral code fc50507fff9b898c0 you’ll get some bonus points (and I will too) to start you off!

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