Monday Reading Check In

Happy Monday! It’s my birthday week which means that I have a fun long weekend to look forward to… so that makes getting through Monday a little bit easier to bear! I hope you all had a wonderful weekend! Saturday was super busy running a few errands (treating myself to some goodies while I was out) and then lunch out with my BFF and my pup Kylee. Kylee even got all dressed up for the occasion and got a lot of attention while we were out! Finished off the day with a family dinner and then pretty much lazed Sunday away because Kylee and I were both exhausted by that point!

When you have a pretty book edition and a matching mug from Coffee and a Classic, you pretty much have to make sure the book eventually makes it into a Monday morning post, right? I’ve had this one on my shelf for quite a while, but when we picked THE STRANGE CASE OF DR. JEKYLL AND MR. HYDE by Robert Louis Stevenson as our October #ClassicsBuddyRead book, it was time to break it out. I’m about two thirds through (mostly listening to the audio which is free on Audible for subscribers) and really enjoying this one!

I think we all likely have heard the basic premise of this one. We have the perfectly nice Dr. Jekyll and his alter ego Mr. Hyde released after taking a drug. The ultimate fight of good vs. evil within one’s own nature. Still, I hadn’t ever read the story and I’m finding it very intriguing how this unfolds and how the one narrating comes to figure out the answers. This is a perfect Halloween read, both entertaining and creepy!

In other reading, I have a couple books on the go:

THE NIGHT SHE DISAPPEARED by Lisa Jewell is our current #SaturdayBookstaClub book and we had a great midway discussion on Saturday. We’re following three different narrators and timelines (though only spaced over a couple years), so it took me a bit to get them sorted as I’m reading this on audio, but I am so intrigued as to what happened. A young couple, only 19 years old, has disappeared leaving their baby at home with grandma. We are hearing from the young mother before the disappearance, her mother after the disappearance, and in the present day (where the case has gone cold) we’re hearing from a woman who uncovers a new clue.

DONUT FALL IN LOVE by Jackie Lau (gifted ARC from Berkley Pub; 10/26/21) is a fun romcom. Ryan is an actor somewhat down on his luck, sticking around Toronto to be there for his family between acting gigs in the wake of his mother’s sudden death. Lindsay runs a bakery making all sorts of tasty treats. When Ryan is asked to appear on a baking show for those with no skills, he asks Lindsay to teach him some basics so he doesn’t make a complete fool of himself. Cuteness and happiness ensues. This one is a lot of fun so far, though I don’t recommend reading this one hungry – the donuts and cupcakes and cakes all sound amazing!

THE TAKING OF JAKE LIVINGSTON by Ryan Douglass is a YA horror which is partly a spooky read in which the title character can see the ghost of a boy who killed multiple students at his school and then himself and is back in ghost form to continue the spree. Even more so it is a book about those who struggle to fit in. Jake begins as the only Black boy in his high school and he’s always felt different. He’s also the only one who sees the spirit world around him. I am enjoying this read and look forward to hopefully finishing tonight!

What are you currently reading? I’d love to hear!

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