Monday Reading Check In

I received a gifted advanced copy of HELLO, TRANSCRIBER by Hannah Morrissey from Minotaur Books!

Happy Monday! I had a fantastic – but also fantastically exhausting weekend. I took a long weekend to celebrate my birthday and it was a weekend full of good food, tasty treats, book shopping, cocktails, a lot of walking and a lot of fun. The highlight was spending Friday at the zoo with gorgeous weather and a lot of fun animals to see! I didn’t get much reading in, but that’s okay! Still, I was glad after two days with a lot of walking to kick my feet up yesterday, snuggle with my pup and spend time with some good reading!

I am just getting started on HELLO, TRANSCRIBER and I am already hooked! Hazel Greenlee is a new police transcriber (and aspiring writer), working in crime infested Black Harbor in Wisconsin. While she is still in training for her new job, she sees a man she recognizes outside the station’s window. There is clearly something wrong, but she recognizes him as her neighbor. His confession to hiding a body leaves her reeling and her confidentiality oath leaves her stirring over the even without even being able to share it with her husband.

I am only a couple chapters in, but I can’t wait to see where this story takes Hazel. The setting is very atmospheric and I’m looking forward to learning more about Black Harbor and Hazel. That the author based this story on her own background working as a police transcriber gives it an extra dose of authenticity as well. I will have a full review closer to the 11/30/2021 pub date, but so far I am loving it!

In other reading, I also started DRAGON KEEPER by Robin Hobb on audio. This is the first book in the next series in Hobb’s Realm of the Elderlings series and the next book for #Elderlingalong and I didn’t know a lot going into it. I had heard it might be a bit more YA than some of the other books and I knew there would be more from the dragons which I was happy to hear. So far I am really enjoying this one. The main characters are all on the younger end so far (which is not uncommon in this series as a whole as we tend to follow some characters all the way through their lives). I’m glad to be back in the series and look forward to continuing!

That’s a pretty short reading list for me at the moment – so I’m sure I’ll be adding on some more soon! I do really want to get in a few more creepy reads before October ends! What are your reading goals for the rest of the month? I’d love to hear!

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