Book Review

DARK ROADS by Chevy Stevens

Rating: 4.5 / 5

DARK ROADS is focused on an region of highway near Cold Creek where women have been known to frequently turn up dead or missing. Women are warned not to go out alone, but no answers have ever been found as to what has caused this disturbing pattern. Protagonist Hailey is a seventeen year old girl who has recently suffered the loss of her only parent, her father. She’s now left to her aunt and her controlling police officer husband. His attention toward Hailey is uncomfortable and his control limits her access to the friends and the life she’s known.

I went into this book with a very limited knowledge of the plot and with the strong recommendations of a few friends. I think going in without reading the full synopsis is the best plan. The synopsis gives away a lot more about the plot that I found to be compelling twists that I’m glad I didn’t know in advance. The author managed to throw some surprises I didn’t see coming and I loved that about the book!

This has some triggering content including rape and sexual assault and violence against people and animals. It is a dark read, but sadly the events didn’t feel outside of the realm of possibility. I really enjoyed following Hailey. She was raised by her father to have strong survival skills which she puts to good use throughout the book. I really appreciated the way the author portrayed her grief and the strong relationships in her life in addition to the toxic relationship with her new guardian.

This book kept me hooked throughout and I couldn’t read it fast enough. I would definitely recommend DARK ROADS to the thriller fans!

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