Book Review

APPLES NEVER FALL by Liane Moriarty

I received a complimentary audiobook and promotional package for APPLES NEVER FALL by Liane Moriarty from Macmillan Audio!

Rating: 4 / 5

APPLES NEVER FALL follows the Delaneys, a family that has long revolved around the sport of tennis. Stan and Joy are the parents, known for their strong relationship both on and off the court. Their careers are winding down in their older years and they’ve sold their tennis academy. There are four grown Delaney siblings and each has their own complicated relationship with tennis and with their parents’ dreams of tennis greatness among their progeny.

When a young woman knocks on the Delaney’s door one evening, Stan and Joy wind up taking her in and giving her shelter though she is a stranger to them. She seems to be settling in, almost a part of the family and a great help to Joy and Stan, but their children are less than convinced of her honorable intentions. When Joy goes missing and the young woman can’t be found, Stan seems to be the obvious suspect, but no one is telling everything they know.

This book is a good dose of family drama and mystery and intrigue all rolled up in one. This family is dysfunctional on multiple levels and each is harboring secrets. With their father a prime suspect, each of the kids is wary of saying anything that might put him at fault. Stan himself is keeping pretty tight lipped as well.

I really enjoyed the way that the story moved around in time from what happened in the past when the young woman first showed up at the house to the present day mystery of Joy’s disappearance. Interspersed we get additional flashbacks to when the kids were younger and they ways their lives all revolved around tennis and the academy. While this can sometimes be a tough timeline structure to follow on audio, I found this not to be a problem in this case.

APPLES NEVER FALL was a fun read that kept me guessing about what exactly happened and I’m glad that I picked this one up! This is well worth a read and I do recommend the audio!

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