Monday Reading Check In

I received a gifted advanced copy of HER HONOR by LaDoris Hazzard Cordell from Celadon Books!

Happy Monday! The extra hour this weekend was appreciated but of course not enough! I’ll take all the extra weekend and reading hours I can get! I didn’t get as much done this weekend as I would have liked, but at least the shift in time made it a bit easier to start a series of 8a trainings over the next couple weeks. It is also starting to feel a bit more like fall with some cooler temps and reading time cozied up with my pup and my blankets. #NonfictionNovember has started off well with some fantastic reads!

I started HER HONOR this weekend and I was surprised how quickly I was sucked in! The author, LaDoris Hazzard Cordell, was the first Black woman to sit on the Superior Court of Northern of California with a wide and varied career as a judge. She has covered all types of cases with all kinds of defendants. The first few chapters of the book focus on her time in Juvenile Court. She makes her accounts engaging while doing a good job of clearly explaining some of the legal issues that come up. She is doing well at accomplishing her goal of showing places where the system doesn’t make sense. She’s also honest in seeing where the system (and her role in it) fails the individual. I look forward to continuing on with reading this! HER HONOR came out on October 26 so is available now!

In other reading, I am currently reading a few more books:

DOCTORS AND FRIENDS by Kimmery Martin (Berkley Pub; 11/9/21) is a book written prior to Covid, but with a lot of similarity to everything we’ve seen in the past year. This book focuses on a pandemic with a deadly illness which crosses borders and devastates the medical system. Hanna, Compton and Kira are close friends who all have a place in the medical community. They are front and center for some of the initial cases while on vacation in Spain and the story continues to follow their shifting stories. I’m halfway in and fully hooked into this story! DOCTORS AND FRIENDS is out tomorrow!

NEXT DOOR by Kimberly Davis Basso is a collection of spooky short stories. I am really enjoying this collection and have not found a story that I haven’t liked! I am taking my time reading a few stories here and there over the last couple weeks. It makes for a perfect fall read!

WAIT FOR GOD TO NOTICE by Sari Fordham is a book I received as part of a scheduled tour with Let’s Talk Books. This is a memoir of the author’s time as a child living in Uganda as the daughter of missionaries in a dangerous time to live in the country. This is an area of the world that I don’t know much about, so I am finding the setting and the author’s experiences very interesting. The overabundance of snakes, the buggy flour accepted as normal… there are a lot of things that this family dealt with to follow their faith.

I have a lot of books I am hoping to get to this week. What are you starting off the week reading? I’d love to hear!

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