Book Review

THE JIGSAW MAN by Nadine Matheson

I won a copy of THE JIGSAW MAN and have been trying to fit it into my TBR ever since! I am so glad I finally had the chance to pick it up!

Rating: 4.5 / 5

THE JIGSAW MAN follows inspector Angelica Henley as she starts to investigate a series of gruesome crimes. Body parts are found on the the banks of a river and the killer isn’t done distributing the parts. The case has similarities to previous crimes, those enacted by the killer known as The Jigsaw Killer. Still, he has a very solid alibi given that he is currently serving out a life sentence. Clearly this is the work of a copycat.

This novel is the author’s debut and the start of a new Inspector Angelica Heley series. It was gripping and engaging throughout and I was quickly hooked into the story line. The author does a fantastic job of building up these horrific crimes and layering in the information the inspector needs to solve the case.

I really enjoyed following Angelica and I am glad that from the series title we can look forward to more of her in the future. She has to confront some darkness in her own past as she’s trying to prevent the current killer from taking even more lives.

This book doesn’t shy away from the gore – it definitely presents an ugly, gritty case, but it does it so well! It has a bit of a slow burn feel to it, but I was kept hooked throughout wanting to know what happened next and rooting for Angelica to get the answers needed.

I would absolutely recommend picking this up if you enjoy a good police investigation thriller! I will be on the lookout for more books from Nadine Matheson!

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