Book Review

NEXT DOOR by Kimberly Davis Basso

Rating: 5 / 5

I really enjoyed Kimberly Davis Basso’s two nonfiction titles I’M A LITTLE BRAIN DEAD and BIRTH AND OTHER SURPRISES so I of course had to preorder her newest release NEXT DOOR!

NEXT DOOR: A Collection of Twelve Twisted Tales and One True Story is a collection of stories which deliver the eerie and the spooky and the mind-twisty reads that are perfect for the fall season, but also all year long. I appropriately started the collection on Halloween, tucked in bed under a pile of blankets and have been enjoying spreading out the stories over the last few weeks.

The author does a fantastic job of taking interesting concepts and developing the story quickly and powerfully. Each story feels fully fleshed out, packing a big punch in the space of just a few pages. This was a very binge-able collection, but I really enjoyed spreading it out and savoring each story. Some of the visuals really stick with me even well after finishing. I have never loved visits to the dentist (who does?) but now… well, you’ll just have to read it!

The variety is also really impressive from different settings and characters – aliens and creepers and ghosts, oh my! I highly recommend you check out NEXT DOOR for all your creepy reading needs!

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