Monday Reading Check In

I received a gifted advanced copy of INTO EVERY GENERATION A SLAYER IS BORN by Evan Ross Katz from Hachette Books.

Happy Monday, friends! We’ve been having a Santa Ana fueled heatwave this past week here in SoCal and it has made a mess of my sinuses, but it is finally supposed to ease back off over the next couple days. In the meantime, I mostly just stayed in where it was cooler trying to read and be a bit productive too. I really enjoyed my #NonfictionNovember reading for the #NonfictionBookParty mixed in with my buddy read books.

I started INTO EVERY GENERATION A SLAYER IS BORN on the weekend and was quickly sucked in. I tend to do most of my nonfiction reading via audio, so didn’t expect to fly through this print ARC nearly as quickly as I have. Before I knew it I was nearly halfway through! I loved Buffy the Vampire Slayer when it was on and have rewatched it a couple times over the years (and may have started another rewatch after this book stirred up the nostalgia for the show).

The book looks at the show’s origins and development, characters and plot lines. The author is a super fan of the show and Sarah Michelle Gellar especially, but he goes into the book with the understanding that the show was not without problematic issues. He also addresses the issues with creator Joss Whedon and the complaints that have come out against him. I’ll be posting a full review closer to the publication date in March, but I am really enjoying this revisit of the show and learning more about it.

In other reading, I am currently reading a few more books:

For my #ClassicsBuddyRead, I am reading EMMA. This is a classic I read in college (a LOT of years ago), but remember little about apart from knowing the basic plot from watching the movie Clueless. I am really enjoying this one and look forward to our buddy read chat next weekend.

I am halfway into A HOLLY JOLLY DIWALI by Sonya Lalli (gifted eARC from Berkley Pub). It follows Niki who is suddenly awash in free time so she books a last minute trip to India to attend a friend’s wedding. There’s a love interest involved, but the majority of the book so far is moreso looking at the culture in India and Niki’s interaction with the people she meets there.

I have quite a few books I am hoping to get to this week, especially knowing that the end of the month will get more busy! What are you starting off the week reading? I’d love to hear!

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