Book Review


Rating: 4 / 5

SISTERS OF THE RESISTANCE by Christine Wells arrived in my adult Once Upon a Book Club book box. I had seen this around the book world a bit and the premise had me definitely intrigued!

SISTERS OF THE RESISTANCE is set during the resistance movement during World War II in Paris. It is 1944 and Gabby Foucher is the concierge, working to serve her tenants while steering as clear as possible from the Nazis occupying the city. Her sister Yvette is more active in the movement against the Nazis, acting as a messenger. Gabby soon finds herself drawn in as well when she learns that one of her tenants is hiding an injured British fugitive..

Though the resistance during the war is at the center of the story, the book also shows us the years immediately following the war. It begins with Yvette returning to France from the US, returning for a multitude of reasons including a reunion with her family. Gabby is still at her post as concierge, having accepted that as her lot in life. As the sisters reunite and their past story comes out, they begin to each look ahead to the future.

I tend to think I’m pretty burned out on WWII fition, then I pick up a story like this which offers a bit of a new perspective and I find myself sucked right back in! I loved learning about these women and the ways they found to aid the cause even in the most difficult of circumstances. The blurb makes a lot of the role of Catherine Dior in the story line and the world of fashion does enter into it, but it was really Gabby’s and Yvette’s stories that kept me hooked!

This is another instance of a book that I probably wouldn’t have sought out if I hadn’t received it in my OUABC box, so I am very glad that they sent it! If you are interested in checking out Once Upon a Book Club for yourself, DGREADS10 will give you 10% off your first order! They’ve recently moved over to a new website which is also worth a look!


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