Book Review

CARRY by Toni Jensen

I received a complimentary copy of CARRY: A MEMOIR OF SURVIVAL ON STOLEN LAND by Toni Jensen from Ballantine Books / Random House.

Rating: 4.5 / 5

CARRY is the author’s memoir of growing up a Métis indigenous in America. More specifically, she centers her narrative around her exposure to guns throughout her life. Written in the form of collected essays looking at different elements of her past, it addresses racism, colorism, violence, child abuse, sexual assault, mental health and more. There are a lot of trigger warnings for this book, so would suggest looking them up if that is a concern.

The author’s writing style is very poetic, often eliciting beautiful imagery even as she addresses some less than beautiful subjects. I enjoyed the way she looks at language as well and its different meanings. She writes about her own feelings, often mixed, about her personal relationships and experiences and the traumas she has experienced.

I initially felt that the style of the book jumping around between topics and time period was a bit jarring. The synopsis didn’t lead me to expect that, but when I saw someone else mention that this was moreso a collection of essays than a linear telling, that helped me reframe my expectations. Looking at each chapter as its own entity I think helped quite a bit.

This was a really gripping and powerful read! LATER is available now!

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