Book Review


Rating: 4 / 5

I received this beautiful edition of THE PRISON HEALER by Lynette Noni in a Fairy Loot box. Prior to hearing it was coming in the box, it wasn’t one that I had heard much about. After receiving it I did start to hear some praise for it, so I was excited to start in!

THE PRISON HEALER follows Kiva Meridan, a young woman who was taken as a girl, forced to live in the horrific death prison of Zalindov. Under her father’s tutelage she learned to be a skilled healer and has taken over the work after his death.

When the Rebel Queen is brought to Kiva, she must work to keep the ill woman alive to face a series of trials meant to kill her. To survive the trials is to gain freedom, but no one has ever been able to do this and this critically ill woman certainly will not survive. Kiva receives a message from the outside urging her to not let her due, so she makes the impulsive decision to volunteer to face the trials herself instead in the hope of keeping the queen alive long enough for the rebels to act.

This book was a fairly slow burn, but I did enjoy it. The author does well at creating a very dark and dismal atmosphere appropriate to a ‘death prison’ and it certainly isn’t a place anyone would want to be. Kiva is a light in the darkness, continuing to hold out hope even as she is forced to witness the hardships faced by everyone in this prison life. The trials she must face are difficult, but creativity and friends she makes along the way give her a chance to prove everyone wrong about her longevity.

This book ends on a pretty big reveal so I am excited to continue on with the sequel THE GILDED CAGE which just came out in October ahead of the third book’s release in June (THE BLOOD TRAITOR).

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