Book Review

THE POSSESSION by Michael Rutger

Rating: 4 / 5

I really enjoyed THE ANOMALY by Michael Rutger so I was intrigued when I heard there was a sequel. Reviews were rather mixed, so I didn’t rush out to get a copy, but I was happy when THE POSSESSION arrived in a subscription box!

THE POSESSION continues to follow Nolan Moore, an archaeologist who hosts a docu-series exploring conspiracy theories and the fantastic, regularly dismissed by “real” science. After the events that happened in the previous book, Nolan and his team are looking for something new to investigate. It just so happens that his ex is investigating some weird phenomena in a small village surrounded by dark woods. It seems just the thing to get his team’s interest. There are missing persons, returned persons, and something weird afoot in those dark woods to investigate.

I went in with relatively low expectations for this one and I think that helped. I did overall enjoy the book, though not nearly as much as THE ANOMALY. The feeling of this book is very different as it is a much more expansive setting and cast. While book one largely took place in a cave with that sense of claustrophobia adding to the tension and horror, this book is spread out over the woods and the village. There are definitely still some creepy moments, but it is a bit slow to get there.

Another thing that is different here is the expanded cast, adding in Nolan’s ex Kristy in addition to his team and everyone in the village. It gives a lot more ground to cover which I think adds to some of the slowness I felt at times. The POV also switches back and forth which did seem necessary given all that needed to be discovered, but it also changed the tone of the book.

The ending leaves room for the series to be continued. While this was more a ‘like’ than a ‘love’ book, I would read a next in the series if another were to be produced.

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