Monday Morning Check In

Monday Reading Check In

Happy Monday, book friends! I lost a good portion of my weekend to a nasty migraine and I am feeling very much not ready for a new week. Thankfully I had all of my current reads on audio, so I could stay mostly in bed with a snuggly pup listening to my books between naps. I am hoping for a much more healthful and happy week ahead though!

MONDAY’S NOT COMING by Tiffany D. Jackson was meant to be my currently reading book for this morning’s check in, but oops… I stayed up finishing it last night which left me with nothing in my currently reading stack this morning. So, why not give a mini review instead?

MONDAY’S NOT COMING follows Claudia, a young woman looking forward to the start of a new school year with her best friend. When she returns to town after visiting her grandmother, she’s hurt and disappointed that her friend Monday wasn’t in touch all summer, and then concerned when Monday doesn’t show up to school. No one else seems to notice Monday’s absence the way she does.

This book jumps back and forth in time to the time before Monday’s disappearance and the strains both girls faced in the prior year. It also chronicles Claudia’s conviction that something is wrong and her fight to be taken seriously by the adults in her life. It was heartbreaking realizing how believable it is that a young woman could so completely fall through the cracks. The timelines are a bit jumbled in this one, especially at times when listening on audio, but that all goes toward the bigger story and makes sense when the author pulls it all together. This is a YA thriller definitely worth checking out!

I have been sticking with my bookish advent calendar (see my Instagram story highlights for more on that) and will be unveiling my prompt for today in just a bit. I am also making a last minute decision to join in with #TheFestiveReadathon hosted by Steph @__stephloves so we’ll see how well I can make my prompts match up!

For once I actually don’t have any ‘also reading’ books! It feels weird to only have one book going so far, but I don’t want to get too far ahead of my reading prompts!

What are you currently reading? I’d love to hear!

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