Book Review

NAMESAKE by Adrienne Young

Rating: 4 / 5

I loved FABLE by Adrienne Young when I received it in a Fairy Loot box, so I ordered their matching special edition of NAMESAKE when it came available. I had to wait for the UK publication date and made myself wait to actually read it until my copy came, so I was excited to finally have it in hand!

FABLE and NAMESAKE follow the title character, a 17-year old young woman who was left on an island full of cutthroat thieves by her trader father. As the first book began, she had been working for four years to make ends meet and to dive for enough valuable gems to pay for passage off the island to track down her father. As conditions on the island grow worse, Fable is forced to run and she offers everything she has to a trader named West and his crew to take her off the island. NAMESAKE picks up right after the cliffhanger that ended FABLE.

Much like the first book, this was a fun adventure story! It’s hard to say a lot about the specifics of the plot here without giving spoilers for book one, but the author delivers answers to questions raised in book one and throws in some character twists along the way. I really enjoyed this duology (though possibly book one a bit more than book two since I flew through that one in a single afternoon) and I’m excited to read more from Adrienne Young!

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