Book Review


Rating: 3.5 / 5

THE TRAITOR BARU CORMORANT by Seth Dickinson was the November pick for the #DeepDarkReads buddy read on Instagram. This was another new to me pick, but the premise sounded very intriguing!

THE TRAITOR BARU CORMORANT follows the title character. Baru was raised on an island which was conquered by the Empire of Masks, destroying the fairly idyllic world she grew up in. The empire is to blame for the loss of one of her fathers, leaving no real recourse to her young self.

Baru joins the Masquerade, becoming one of their most powerful accountants. As she is sent out into the empire to act on the Masks’ behalf, she is able to put her economics to use to uncover rebellions and learn more about the empire and its strongholds.

Baru was an interesting character to follow and the economics as a superpower of sorts was very interesting. That she had to join up with the very people who joined her world was an interesting process as well. That said, all of the build up to Baru growing up and joining the Masquerade did make the early portion of the book rather slow.

Perhaps the fact that I was dealing with an actual audit at work made it a little less thrilling to hear about taxes and audits and the like on the page as well, so I did find myself putting it aside at times while reading. Still, I did find the empire’s and the rebellion’s strategies of trying to out maneuver each other with economics to be very interesting.

The second half of the book did pick up in regards to action and the author threw in some twists at the end that I did not expect. There are four books in this series and I am curious to see where the next takes Baru after the big ending in this one, but it is one I’ll probably read some reviews for first before picking up!

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