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Monday Reading Check In

Happy Monday book friends! The end of the year is creeping up fast and I am both excited about planning for a new year of reading, challenges, etc. I’m also not sure I’m ready, but what else is new? I had a good weekend with a cupcake run (had to get some Christmas themed cupcakes after I got sick last year and missed them!) and good chilly day snuggling and reading with the pup!

This week is the Fairyloot readalong for JADE FIRE GOLD by June C.L. Tan and I decided to jump in with that. It was perfect timing since my bookish advent calendar gave me a Fairyloot book as the prompt for yesterday. I enjoy the readalongs they host because it keeps me from letting these great (and goresous!) book sit unread on my shelf and it gives people to chat with about the reading!

JADE FIRE GOLD is an east Asian inspired fantasy with two points of view. One is a peasant girl named Ahn who must hide her abilities in a world where having magic means a death sentence for you and anyone who aids you. The second POV is Altan, a young man who should have been heir to the throne, but barely escaped with his life when his family was all killed and the throne taken. This has been an easy book to sink into so far and I’m excited to see where it goes over the week ahead!

In other reading, I have started THE SNOW QUEEN by Hans Christian Andersen for the #ClassicsBuddyRead. This is a short one, but I’m taking my time with my different illustrated editions. I am also hoping to finish up the second volume of the SANDMAN series by Neil Gaiman this week.

I also have THESE SILENT WOODS by Kimi Cunningham Grant on audio that I started on the way to work this morning. I don’t know a lot about this one, but we have a father and daughter who have been living mostly off the land and entirely off the grid in a remote cabin since Finch was a baby. Their one contact to the outside world, the one who brings them supplies once a year, has failed to show up this year. Something clearly happened in the past to drive them out of society, so I am eager to learn more!

What are you currently reading? I’d love to hear!

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