Book Review

THE MAID by Nita Prose

I received a gifted advanced copy of THE MAID by Nita Prose from Random House / Ballantine Books!

Rating: 4 / 5

Publication date: 1/4/2022

THE MAID follows Molly, a young woman who doesn’t have many social skills but who prides herself on her abilities as a maid. She has recently lost her Gran, the woman who raised her and taught her everything she knows about cleaning and life in general. She’s at a bit of a loss on how to function without that source of stability in her life.

When Molly finds a wealthy man dead in his suite at the Regency Grand Hotel where she works, she finds herself in a lot of trouble as the police’s prime suspects. She’s at a loss for what to do when her freedom and her job are at stake. Molly’s friends rally around her and together they try to uncover the truth about what happened to Mr. Black.

I really enjoyed THE MAID! Though it isn’t explicitly stated in the book, Molly is portrayed in a way that I assume that the author intends her to be read as being on the autism spectrum or otherwise neuro-divergent. She isn’t always surrounded by kind people and I think the author does a good job of showing the reader who are and are not Molly’s true friends even while Molly doesn’t always know how to recognize when people are taking advantage of her. I did really love the group that formed to rally around Molly to help fill in some of the gaps left after the loss of her grandmother.

I thought that the mystery was good and it kept me hooked wanting to know more. I liked that we slowly learned more so that the reader could start to form theories along the way. The ending did throw a twist in that I didn’t expect and I’m still somewhat debating if I liked the final reveal. Still, I really enjoyed the book as a whole!

THE MAID will be out on January 4, 2022!

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